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The Holidays Are (almost) Here!

It’s that time of year, friends!

Chances are, you have one or two grill masters in your life. Whether it’s 95 degrees or 25 degrees, they’re manning that grill. You know who they are. But what in the world do you buy for these people when the holidays roll around?

Luckily, we’re here to help. Browse through our holiday gift guide and find the perfect gift for the griller in your life.

Happy shopping!


Holidays gift guide grilling bbq

Make the Holidays Memorable with These Gifts

1. Beginners and pros alike will love finding this Weber grill under the tree, in their stocking…wherever. With a professional hinged lid, side workspace and 22” bowl, your grill master will enjoy cooking for a crowd. Did we mention this big guy holds 13 burgers?! Happy holidays, indeed! 
2. Take the guessing game out of grilling. With the ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Remote Digital Thermometer, there won’t be any more overcooked beef or undercooked chicken on your plate. And it’s accurate to 300’, too, which means no more having to babysit the grill. Win!
3. Have the grates on that grill out back have seen better days? Then gift it (and your grill lover) with these grill grates. Raised rails will give your foods those perfect grill marks and the grates themselves will conduct the heat more efficiently. And what does that mean? Happy taste buds and a happy belly!
4. This handy melting pot is perfect for the person who wants to keep their basting sauce warm. Why? It’s made of cast iron. As a result, you can place it on your grill without fear of harming it. And get this! It comes with a silicone basting brush. As an added bonus, the brush handle nestles into the pot handle. Now nifty is that?! 
5. Do you watch from the safety of the house while they struggle with lighting the charcoal? Take pity on them with this chimney by Weber. In no time they’ll have roaring hot coals…and without lighter fluid.
6. Give the gift of great taste with these cedar grilling planks! They’re perfect for the grill along with being ideal for use in the oven. Just remember to soak them first!
7. Keep your grill master safe with these high temperature gloves. They measure a generous 18” long and are perfect for handling a charcoal chimney and when moving food on the grill. And for year-round use, you can bring them inside and use them to remove hot dishes from the stove or oven. And don’t forget to take them camping, too!
8. Feed your grilling creativity with this book from Buxton Hall Barbecue. From cover to cover, this book is full of tips on everything from how to build your own pit to infusing your foods with wonderful wood flavor. And don’t forget the delicious recipes!