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Now that we have your attention…

I know it might have been hard to notice, but we have a thing for these delicious strips of sizzled pork. I wouldn’t call it a big thing, but it’s definitely a thing. Maybe a borderline obsession.

Fine. We love bacon.

Despite the controversial results of a recent study linking processed meats such as bacon to the dreaded “c” word, we still add it to just about anything. It’s not something we eat every day (dang it), but whether we’re grilling it all by its onesies, wrapping it around vegetables or stacking it on top of our favorite burger, we think it’s delicious.

We thought it might be fun to play a little game this week. Are you ready?

bacon movie title

We’ll get you started with a few we thought of:

  • Gone with the Bacon
  • Bacon Club
  • The Good, the Bad and the Bacon

What can you come up with? Post your titles in the comments below!  

Bacon Fun

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or are waaaay younger than us), you know about The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Based on the theory that we’re all six or fewer degrees apart, this game attempted to connect him to everyone in Hollywood. While it was really nothing more than a stupid party trick, it was a great time waster and caught on. It’s become so popular that it has it’s own board game and spawned the website The Oracle of Bacon. This is the place to go if you want to waste serious time. Enter the name of an actor or actress and The Oracle will spit out how they’re connected to Kevin Bacon. And it’s not just modern era connections, either. Katherine Hepburn? She has a Bacon Number of 2, meaning there’s only one person needed to connect them. Spencer Tracy, Humphrey Bogart, Doris Day? Each of them are a 2. It’s ridiculously addicting. 

bacon kevin meme

But maybe the best thing to come from this silly game is Six Degrees, the charitable organization that Kevin himself started in 2007. Using the game based on his connections, his organization challenges everyone to recognize that they’re six degrees or less from someone who they can help. To date, Six Degrees has raised over $5 million dollars. Not bad for something that stated as a stupid party trick. 

Okay, enough stalling. You’ve had plenty of time to think. Let’s see those baconized movie titles!